Frequently Asked Questions


what is the deeplight?

The DeepLight is an infinity mirror art installation comprised of LEDs and two-way mirrors housed in a geometric frame. It features dozens of custom-written lighting modes and animations that can be manually controlled and synced to music.

‘Carl’, our prototype created specifically for music festivals, is made of a custom 3D-printed frame, acrylic mirrors, and 720 LEDs. Our public sale units will be a higher grade and made of an extruded and anodized aluminum exterior, bespoke glass mirrors, and custom printed circuit boards at maximum density for a total of 960 LEDs.

How much will a deeplight cost?

Pending our final manufacturing costs, our estimated unit price is $5000 USD + taxes & shipping. International shipping will be available.

Can I take my DeepLight to a music festival as a totem (or similar mobile, battery-powered installation)?

The DeepLight is an installation art piece, which will be reflected in every aspect of the build quality.  There are several considerations that went into making our prototype unit that we use as our festival totem, which are absent from our production line.  Our totem has taken considerable wear over the course of the 2018 and 2019 festival seasons due to the stressful environment of music festivals - impact, dust, heat, humidity, wind, and extreme temperature changes means our totem requires constant maintenance to remain functional and in optimal condition.  So, while it's certainly not impossible to turn the DeepLight into a mobile installation, we strongly advise against it, as we would advise against anyone taking a flatscreen TV to a festival.

I’m interested in a DeepLight for my event. Do you offer rental services?

Yes, but until our production units are ready, our ability to offer rental units is extremely limited. A very small number of prototype units exist, and they require an engineer on-site to setup and ensure it’s properly handled and maintained during use. If you are interested in having us at your event, please reach out to